O & S’s Strength is in providing Experienced and Very Capable Construction Superintendents along with experienced workers in Civil work, Concrete Construction, Machinery Installation and Alignment and Start up.

O & S is a Full Service Contractor that supplies assistance in planning, conceptual design, project scheduling, tracking and project management for the project up through commissioning and start up.

O & S Works Jointly With Quality Companies such as Consulting Engineers, Testing Consultants, Environmental Specialists, Fabricators, Machinery Suppliers, Electrical Contractors, Controls Specialists, Fire Protection Contractors, Excavation and Paving Contractors, Hydraulics and Piping Specialists, Steam and Boiler Professionals, and other Regional Contractors.

O & S Can Provide Quality Long or Short Term Maintenance assistance to companies that require additional support above their normal maintenance duties.

O & S Provides Capable Sub-Contractors for full range of specialties on any project.

O & S works with the customer and own crews to provide an injury free construction project which respects the customers desire to maintain a safe workplace.